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What some of our clients have to say about Star Pitbulls

Hi there

This is Michael Berdugo, from the gold coast! I bought my little man from you in September last year and thought it was about time i gave you an update!

His grown and has turned into a handsome little boy. Very cheeky too, he loves playing tricks and trying to out smart us all the time! His learning very quickly and easily, he knows all the basics now and has started learning to stop and wait at the roads edge until i tell him its safe too cross! I also wanted to let you know that were thinking of getting a little girlfriend for him within the next few months! And were hoping to get her from you! We'll have to make sure she's just as crazy and full of energy as him though so she can keep up haha. He'd definitely love someone to play with. But i suppose the best thing to do is just keep checking your website once when ready to buy her !

Thanks again for George, his an amazing little guy and has made us very happy! He was definitely a great addition to our little family.

Talk soon,


Thank you for raising me in my first few months to be such a strong and healthy boy!

I have to go now and help mum hang out the washing... then help dad take out the trash... then say hi to Fred the burmese... whose kind of getting used to me.... sort of.... he knows I'm a baby and lets me run around him without getting too close.....so that's ok. 

I just wanted to check with you... am I aloud to chew rocks. I love them.... but mum and dad are worried i'm going to swallow them..... and is it ok now that I eat my ENTIRE chicken wing, bones and all....and finally why do I want to bury things.... is that something I save for later or do I just like burying stuff?

Love from Arthur xx

Hi Star Pitbulls Family,

   Daisy has settle in so well we love her so much I would like to say thank you for such a lovely animal. Thanks Liz 

Star pitbulls Family,

She had a great first night, slept from ten till 4.30am, went to the loo outside then come in and went back to sleep till 7am. So she is doing really well going to the loo outside etc. We are all besotted with her.

Thanks again for everything will send some pics soon.



Thought I would send you an update on our pup !

What a wonderful dog! We enjoy absolutely every second with him. He is still a ball of pure energy, very playful, affectionate and everything you want out of a dog. Very smart too – he learnt to sit, stay, come, drop and turn all in an afternoon of mucking around at home. Loves our cat Snoek who we got a few months after we brought him home. Also loves big dogs – the bigger the better in his eyes and runs circles around them.

His colouring has also turned out beautiful with just the right amount of  Pitbull  in him.

Star Pits

Just a want to say that we all adore Milly who is now well and truly part of the family. The kids have so much fun with her playful nature and I find her company lovely.



Hey Star's Family,

Just wanted to let you know his learning to go outside to the toilet and in 2 days his learnt how to sit!! YES TO SIT!! we are just blown away. And cuddles, my God! he just loves it, he comes up to you to cuddle you and when he's outside he plays with my toes then rolls over on the grass for me to rub his belly. He's just amazing!! we cannot get over how attached he is to us especially me. His just beautiful!!!

Anyways thank you so much for a wonderful present!! love me to you all there, thanks for giving us a lovelly little pup -we do treasure him!!


denis & mary

it has been a wonderful 6 months of Eddy and we are loving every minute spent with him

kind regards


our little girl is fantastic! we both love her to bits!



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